Alexander Boersch

About Me

Alexander began his career as a C# .Net Developer focusing on SharePoint. Noticing how discrepancies between his Dev and the Prod Environment led to problems in Application Lifecylce Management he began developing automated deployment and integration tests. As more and more problems began to arise, from the insufficient control and management of infrastructure and applications, he helped customers plan, deploy and manage their environments.

With his background in development and experience in numerous programming languages and frameworks as well as his passion for DevOps and Clean Coding he supports customers in their development projects. He helps design solution architecture, implement DevOps and consults on agile development and project management practices.

His work quickly lead to IT governance as the holistic management of infrastructure and processes became increasingly important. As workloads began to shift to the cloud Alexander shifted his expertise as well, facilitating and driving cloud transition and adoption within organisations while ensuring performance, consistency, security and cost control. He creates business cases, governance concepts and drives value for multiple DAX 100 companies.

When not conducting workshops or hacking away at his keyboard, he enjoys running and ski touring while he ponders upon the mysteries of life, the universe and everything.